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Bloomberg Scholarship Donations

Bloomberg Scholarship Donations | Meharry students to get up to $100k in loans. Meharry students this week were part of a nationwide effort to bolster the number of black students in America.

Bloomberg philanthropies have pledged over $34million to black students in the college.

This loan helps to clear students’ debt up to 35% for the average Meharry student.

Meharry College

Meharry college is a part of Centre Tennessee college, it was part of Samuel Meharry Medical department in Centre’s Tennessee college.

It was founded in 1876, as Meharry and his four brothers pledged their support to its emerging medical program.

Reports say its part of Meharry’s debt to a black family that sheltered him 40 years prior.

Bloomberg philanthropies

Bloomberg is a philanthropic organization dedicated to the support of black students and the effort comes as part of a plan to increase the number of black medical students in the world.

College president James Hildreth announced on Thursday.

The news was revealed in a conference video call with the college students, the move has been met with cheers and applause.

This supports one of the most under-appreciated missions which is minority health.

In a quote James said, most days we know the odds of realizing systemic change in health care, which favors the wealthy over the poor, are long and yet we labor on battling those odds,” Hildreth said. “But today, Meharrians is not one of those days.”


Who is eligible for the Bloomberg Scholarship Donations

Initially, it was announced that the scholarship was available for all students, but unfortunately, officials of the institution quickly double backed on the statement.

As it was discovered that Bloomberg Philanthropies donation intended to foster Black doctors exclusively.

  1. So the first criterion is that you have to be a black student in Meharry college.
  2. The grant is for students deemed to be in financial need and is already receiving one form of monetary aid or the other.

In a statement by College officials, the grant will be available for the most college student, so not all students will be getting the grant.


The donation which is Meharry largest in the history of the college is part of a $100 million being given to historically black colleges and universities.


The need for black doctors in the USA

Head of Bloomberg Philanthropies is billionaire Michael Bloomberg, a former mayor of New York and presidential candidate.

Donations were also made to Howard universities, Morehouse School of Medical Science, and Charles R. Drew University.

In a statement by Michael Bloomberg to Meharry students via video, he says this is an effort to make sure that more black lives are saved.

The donations hope to combat system inequality in the USA.

Studies show that blacks have better health outcomes when treated by fellow blacks.

Also, black doctors are more likely to practice in an underserving community.

However black doctors are in scarce supply in the USA, after all only 7% of medical school graduates are blacks.


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