How to Apply for the American University Online Program Scholarship 2021

American University Online Program Scholarship

American University Online Program Scholarship 2021 | This long awaited American University Online Program Scholarship is here, portal is open for application. Good news to international students. 

The scholarship program also offer a fully-funded online masters scholarships privilege to international students 

Students of both genders are encouraged to apply

American University Online Program Scholarship

This Scholarship program is opened for domestic students and as well international students. It’s one of best online program for international students.

Master-level programs for various fields like Arts, Economics taught at the American university is also offered in the online scholarship program

Although the deadline varies, it is advisable to apply for the program on time to beat the deadline. This program is based on merits 

So candidates with high academic account have a higher hedge.

About American University

The American university is a private research university located in the heart of Washington D.C. students from all part of the world is welcomed to study.

There are over 1,300 international students currently studying at the American university for the online program scholarship.   

Their students are distinguished for having the ability to rethink challenges and opportunities globally. 

The American university is led by Sylvia M. Burwell the 15th and first female president. The American university is known for its good reputation and creating meaningful change in today’s world. 

Field of Study

Listed below are the main subjects available for this scholarship;

  • Economics
  • Arts 

The above listed are the only available field of study

Scholarship Eligibility

There are great opportunities to students with splendid academic credentials and exceptional leadership skills. 

Scholars are expected to remain in good standing throughout the scholarship to avoid termination of the scholarship. 

Below are the criteria needed for you to apply is listed below;

  • Students with exceptional academic credentials and outstanding leadership skills will be selected for the online program scholarship. Scholars must maintain good academic standing to remain in the scholarship schemes.
  • Candidates must retain 3.0GPA or higher for their first two semesters in the online scholarship program, this applies for the online masters of Arts in Economics and Applied Economics.
  • The online master of science in health promotion management scholarship will require 3.4GPA (0n 4.0 scale). This also applies to the Master of Science in Nutritional Education Scholarships.

These are the main criteria needed for the online program scholarship.

How to Apply for the American University Online Program Scholarship 2021

Firstly, you need to fill an online application form or you could simply apply for the online program scholarship by checking the official link and click on it.

Below are steps you need to follow when applying;

  • Enter the URL, in your web browser.
  • Scroll down to the Create New Application section.
  • Firstly, you fill in your first name, then your surname.
  • Then fill in your country code.
  • Next, you fill in your phone numbers and email address
  • Make sure to confirm your email address in the next column.
  • Then create a password you can easily remember and finally
  • Confirm your password and you are in
  • Then click on the “I agree” on the box located at the left-hand side.
  • Then click on the BEGIN icon located at the right-hand corner below.

The following are the steps you need for applying for the scholarship program.

American University Online Program Scholarship Application Deadline

The deadline is not specific because it varies from program to program check the official website for important and authentic information.

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