Apply Now : Coca-Cola Scholarship 2020/2021

Coca-Cola Scholarship 2020/2021 | 2020-2021 Scholarship Grant for High School Graduating Students.

Coca-Cola scholarship alternatively known as coco-cola scholars’ scholarship, is one of the annual scholarship for excellent graduating students in the USA.

The scholarship is funded by the Coca-Cola foundation scholarship, and it has been supporting students in the US.

About Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship.

Coca-Cola scholars program is sponsored by mega brewery company Coca-Cola, the company is one of the most successful companies in the world.

The scholarship is an initiative by the company to provide scholarships for students staying in the USA.

So far the scheme has over 6,150 beneficiaries, and over $69 million has been given out to its beneficiaries.

Recipients’ of the 2019 class were the 31st group of beneficiaries and each class supports over 150 beneficiaries who receive up to $20,000 as scholarships.

The beneficiaries are students who are recognized for their capacity to lead as well as their intent to making a significant impact in their schools and communities.

In other words not just educational capacity is required when choosing beneficiaries but students who have the capacity to give back to the community.

Beneficiaries of the 2020 batch are still expecting their own benefits while, they are expected to check their mail to know their status.

Application for the next batch was opened on the 1st of august 2020.

So if you are eligible to participate, keep reading to learn more details.

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There are various factors to consider when discussing eligibility, the include 


  • Level of study/ Field of study: the grant is available for high school seniors who are looking to further their education in a college. 


The Coca-Cola scholars program is not limited to any field, so students in any field can apply for the program.

  • Host countries: the Coca-Cola scholars program is taken in the US, it is also hosted by Coca-Cola US.
  • Eligible countries: the scholars program is for US citizens while little iterations including, US citizens, US nationals, US permanent residence, US refugees, US asylum residents, Cuban-Haitian and Humanitarian Parolees.


Its important to note that the scholarship is not available for international students, well if you are an international student wishing to study in the US, have no fear as there are tons of eligible scholarship that they are eligible for.

Application Eligibility

Applicants that pass the above mentioned requirement must 

  1. Be a current high school senior student, who will graduate from college during the 2019-2020 academic school session
  2. Receive his/her high school diploma during the current academic school calendar.
  3. Not be a child or grandchild of employees, officers and owners of Coca-Cola bottling company and its subsidiaries.
  4. Not be an international student
  5. Not be a high school graduate, with the exceptions of 2019-2020 graduates.

Required documents for eligible candidates for Coca-Cola Scholarship 2020/2021

Some important document are required for intending participants for the 2020-2021 Coca-Cola scholars program

They include….

  • Your high school transcript: your high school transcript showing all your grades from your freshman year and their course levels.

You need not upload or send your transcript, while completing your application form, you will be required to fill your grades, so its important to have your transcript close by

  • Contact details of your principal and guidance counselor. 
  • Clubs and organizations you belong to: all clubs or organizations you participated in from your freshman year to you graduate year, as well as any leadership position you might have held while in school.
  • Merits and honors: all awards that you might have received while in high school, be it school or non-school related.

The corresponding organizations and clubs is to be imputed as well.

  • Employment details: all employment or voluntary details are to be imputed as well.

How to apply for Coca-Cola Scholarship 2020/2021


  • Create a user account via the application page
  • Enter your email and create your password
  • Click on the “create a profile” icon
  • On your profile page, you will b required to enter you name, email address and phone number.
  • Save your details and follow the on screen prompts to start your eligibility quiz.
  • The quiz is easy simply select yes/no to each question asked.
  • If you are eligible to apply for the scholarship, an email containing the application link will then be sent to your email address.
  • Those eligible for the scholarship will be receive  five form to fill including 
  • Biography and high school information
  • Community activities
  • School activities
  • Academic information
  • Employment details.


Application details.

Application for the Coca-Cola scholars program is currently ongoing and no closing date have been announced as of yet.

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