Apply For the Korean Government Scholarship 2021

Korean Government Scholarship 2021

Korean Government Scholarship 2021|Have you been dreaming of studying in Korea? Then you’re in the right article. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss this golden opportunity.

This opportunity is available to international students who wish to gain a Bachelor’s [undergraduate], Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Korean universities.

This is a privilege given to international students to study abroad in their dream Korean universities

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Quick details on the Korean Government Scholarship 2020-fully funded

This program is aimed at inviting 1,276 international students from 153 regions who desire to pursue a graduate-level degree in Korea.

This is the highest program that enrolls a large number of students each year and surely an opportunity to be grabbed.

Brief Description of the Scholarship

The Korean Government Scholarship is fully funded so there is no need for much worries about money. 

There are also benefits attached to students that get approved, below are more details of the scholar;

  • Host Country: South Korea
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: it varies from one country to another or by each university.

Keep reading to learn more about the scholarship 

Benefits of the Scholarship

As stated earlier this scholarship program covers is fully funded, meaning most expenses have been covered by the government.

However, below is the coverage;

  • Airfare Tickets
  • Resettlement allowance
  • Living allowance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Language courses
  • Full Tuition Fees
  • Award for Excellent Korean Language Proficiency
  • Research support
  • Printing costs
  • Completion Grant.

Korean Government Scholarship 2020 Eligibility


  • Applicants and their parents must not hold Korean Citizenship
  • Citizens and dual citizenship holders of Korean are not eligible to apply.


  • Applicants must be under 40 years of age as of September 1, 2020.
  • Professors of academics who are below 45 years of age of September 1, 2020, and hold citizenship of any of the Official Development Assistance are eligible to apply. 


Degree Requirements;

  • Applicants have to hold or must be expected to hold Bachelor’s, Masters or a Doctoral Degree by August 31, 2020.
  • Doctoral Program applicants must hold a Master’s degree or a level that is equivalent to a Master’s Degree.
  • Master Program applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree or level of education equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Research program applicants must hold a degree or a certain level of education that is equivalent to or high than a Master’s degree. Then they must receive an invitation from the NIIED’s.
  • For applicants who are expected to graduate at the time of applying, have to submit a certificate of expected graduation at the time of application.
  • Applicants who have attained a Bachelor’s or Masters or Doctoral degree in Korean are not allowed to apply.


  • Applicants must be in good health, both physically and mentally to study in Korean for the full duration.
  • All scholarship applicants must submit Form 6 or any personal medical assessment at the time of applying for the scholarship.
  • For those who pass the 2nd round of selection, must receive a comprehensive medical checkup.
  • Applicants must not be tested on drug use or having a serious illness.

Korean Government Scholarship 2020 Deadline

A specific deadline is not stated, it actually varies from country to country or university. 

How to Apply for Korean Government Scholarship 2020

Candidate can only apply through the Korean Embassy in their home country or through a Korean University that is participating.  

All you need to is submit all of the documents related to your scholarship application to the Korean Embassy in your country or the university concerned.

Afterward, the Korean Embassy or University will send proper candidates to NIIED with all the documents that are required. Grantees will be selected.

You can learn more about the application process by visiting their website 


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